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A fresh and fashionable new style will replace your old and dull ceiling panels.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Look 1: Create a chic 24" x 24" ceiling by converting a 24" x 48" ceiling.
Remember to have a look at the 24" x 24" panels as well! To build the 24" x 24" grid, just insert cross tees into a 24" x 48" grid. You may use a black panel to create a dramatic cinema theater, go more subdued for a minimalist look, or pair your opulent design with a lovely actual metal pattern.

drop ceiling
2x2 and 2x4 ceiling tiles

Look 2: Custom millwork is expensive, but not everyone appreciates the way a coffered ceiling looks. EASY ELEGANCE coffered ceiling panels may be used to create a coffered effect in a drop ceiling. A simple 24" x 24" ceiling makeover that packs a big effect! Because they are composed of lightweight PVC, tiles are difficult to damage and are simple to handle and clean.

Look 3. You may quickly update rooms with WOODHAVEN planks without having to take out the current grid. There are several designs and finishes available for WOODHAVEN boards. These planks have tongues and grooves to firmly fasten each piece and produce a tight seam, much like wood flooring. You may use the planks to cover an existing grid entirely in three phases. To secure the planks, just slip them into position and snap on EASY UP clips after removing the previous ceiling panels from the grid. Do not forget to space the boards apart to save waste and achieve a more organic appearance.

woodhaven planks
black suspended ceiling tiles

Look 4: Black ceiling tiles, when added to a room, provide a striking effect and may turn an ordinary living space into a chic one.  Although they may provide a dramatic impression to any room in the house, black ceiling tiles are often utilized for gaming rooms and home theaters.  There are several alternatives to choose from, such as smooth panels, textured panels that help minimize noise, or coffered appearances.

Elegant Living Room

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